"Something like Eat Pray Love, but no love. Instead shopping mall demons, Templar machine elves in Jerusalem, a weird cat in Paris and a techno-truck apparition in Angkor Wat. All based on real events." Gnostix TV

The monolithic „Reich für die Insel" cube in front of the Tyrolean Landestheater transforms into a FREAKY FAIRY FLUX FOUNDATION, turning water into sacred wish fulfillment. Karin Ferrari samples for HON the essences of her TEMPEL OF GA GA into a pagan ritual space of a generation of trance dance post-paganism. The cube becomes a ceremonial action area of occult conspiracy theories and sacred trash mysticism, whose sources of origin are bundled in Ferrari's Southeast Asia travels and pop culture researches since 2018. Francesco Fonassi's electronic sounds and fictional tapes weave through Ferrari's spoken words performances to sample the templates of sacred temple architectures into permeable floor plans of profane temples of commerce with popular techno beats.

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Fri. 26.05. - Sun. 28.05. | 14:00 - 21:00