Cucina Povera & Ben Vince


Cucina Povera is the stage name for Finnish-Karelian-Luxembourgish artist, Maria Rossi. Having released six solo albums on Night School Records, Primordial Void, Offen Music and Infinite Greyscale between 2018 and 2022, Rossi has gone on to partake in various collaborative projects, including with Ed Simpson (Editions Mego) in 2020 and with Haron Aumaj (BAKK, Plafond) in 2020. 

Ben Vince is a London-based composer and performer from Nottingham, known for his live improvised saxophone explorations and inventive techniques in creating new rhythms, textures and moods. Vince has released 5 solo albums that have been celebrated by Pitchfork, WIRE & The Guardian amongst many live and studio collaborations including with Mica Levi, Coby Sey, Sugai Ken, Charles Hayward and Valentina Magaletti.

Together Maria and Ben collaborated to create a spontaneous, fluid and dreamy set of recordings at the Roundhouse studios in Camden, released on London's Ecstatic Recordings in 2022. The album is infused with the mystery of London from the eyes of someone walking its streets for the very first time, and on the other hand from the perspective of a musician well-versed and familiar with the metropole and its people. Getting lost in the winding Roman roads, looking up at the smoky sky, its violet hues of smoggy sunset at dusk, longing for days of leisure spent with waterbirds in verdant parks – these are some of the defining moods of the record, evocatively titled There I see Everything. Live, the two musicians together create a spontaneous and strange swirling sort of alchemy that instils strong emotion.