Italo Brutalo


Vintage synth fetishist and genuine circuit-bending whiz, Italo Brutalo is no typical dealer of hardwaresqueezed juice. Tapping in the endless potentialities of his analogue army of retro machinery, the German producer has built a sound ID that defies conventions and takes pride in trespassing all the frontiers and limitations associated to the etiolated map of dance music styles.
From EBM-laced rhythms to jagged techno motifs, via off-pistes divagations into electro, disco, hip-hop and kosmische spaces, Italo Brutalo writes a story of genre-busting, all-embracing love for the primordial groove.

Having first dabbled into production through the studio equipment of his father, young Fries quickly caught the virus of music-making and its idiosyncratic logic, using all the means within his reach to turn his ideas into actual pieces of sound. With over 25 years of fiddling, tweaking, bastardising bars of automated fire so people can have a blast on the dance floor, Italo Brutalo has gained a potent reputation amongst jockeys and producers, recently making it to the cover of Das Synthesizer Magazine, a big feature in the world´s leading music production magazine (Future Music, UK) plus many more. 

Furthermore his debutalbum Heartware has been voted as favourite album of the year 2022 by 23000 readers of FAZE magazine. Following up to a string of releases on a wide array of imprints including Mozzarella Records, Days of Being Wild, Compuphonic, RFR or Nang Records, Fries moved onto self-releasing his output through Bungalo Disco, the label he co-operates alongside his girlfriend. After the first three vinyl releases went sold-out within a couple of weeks, Italo Brutalo now returns with his anticipated debut long-player, "Heartware", which - as its title suggests, makes for a compelling ode to the machines that got him into the eerie world of sine
waves and tape loops. Beautifully wrapped in a gatefold, and adorned with the exquisite artwork of his creative partner to go full-circle. What else?