Francesco Fonassi & Karin Ferrari pres. HoN Edition 11

"I have never thought such mysterious, calming, and eerie soundtrack would help me to open my third eye. Thank you for this.“ @strangereveryday81923

Thursday 25.05. - 20:30 and Friday 26.05 - 19.30

The ritual setting of FREAKY FAIRY FLUX FOUNDATION becomes the pagan sound ceremony of Karin Ferrari's occult trash mysticism. Italian musician and sound artist Francesco Fonassi complements Ferrari's spoken word performance with live vocal processing and synchronized sound material produced with analog Buchla and Korg synthesizers, tape loops, grooves and effects. Live, these magnetic landscapes multiply the sound architectures of the artist's ceremonial trash mysticism universe, transforming the audience into a conspiratorial ritual community. Enveloped in a white fantasy landscape, the voice and sound clusters interweave into sonic receptors of a culture clash that samples the evoked sonic space of neopaganism into technoid sound cultures. Ferrari and Fonassi are releasing the first cassette edition on the occasion of HON, which will be available immediately with the concert at the festival.