Ilpo Väisänen pres. I-LP-O IN DUB

Technology against Technocracy

In 1992 Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen started Panasonic which later became Pan Sonic, playing several hundreds of concerts in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, like Southbank (London), TheBarbican (London), Centre Pompidoux (Paris), Cartier Foundation (Paris), Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), Volksbuehne (Berlin).Together they collaborated with Alan Vega, FM Einheit, Charlemagne Palestine, Bruce Gilbert, Keiji Haino, Masami Akita (merzbow), Alter Ego, Sunn o))) etc. and created the score for comme des garcons fashion shows, for the Alzheimer 2000 Toter trakt;music by Andreas Ammers and F.M.Einheit’s theatre piece World Tour 2000.


Pan Sonic:

1995 Vakio (mute/blast first)

1996 Osasto (mute/ blast first)

1997 Kulma (mute /blast first)

1998 A (mute/blast first)

1995 Pan Sonic live CD (19/20.01. & 05.10.1995)

1999 X (mute/blast first)

1999 Arctic Rangers 2x7" kit box (mute /blast first)

2000 Aaltopiiri (mute/ blast first)

2000 Mort Aux Vaches (Mort Aux Vaches) with Charlemagne Palestine

2004 Kesto (234.48.4) (blast first petite) 4CD box

2007 Katodivaihe (blast first petite)

2010 Gravitoni (blast first petite)

2014 Oksastus - live in UA-Kyiv (kvitnu)


1998 Prayer/Salvation ep (ninja tunes) remix for Ryuichi Sakamoto

1999 Rude Mechanic 2CD (piano)

1998 Endless (mute /blast first) with Alan Vega

2001 IBM:The oval recording 7"+LP (mego) with Bruce Gilbert

2005 Resurrection River (mego) with Alan Vega

2005 Nine Suggestions (allquestions) with John Duncan

2007 Pan Sonic Haino Keiji:Shall I download a black hole and offer it to

you, live in berlin (blast first petite)

2008 Kuvaputki DVD, dir. by Ed Quist (blast first petite)

2008 Live DVD atak night 3 (atak,tokio)

2009 Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic / Alan Vega / Stephen Burroughs* - Che

(blast first petite)

In 1998 Ilpo Väisänen started the project ANGEL, together with Dirk

Dresselhaus aka SchneiderTM

The duo has performd in Europe and North America at festivals like:

Send&Receive, US-Winnipeg / Transmediale, DE-Berlin (various

editions) / Les Siestes Electriques, FR-Toulouse / Teatro Fundamenta

Nueve, IT-Venice / Synch, GR-Athens


2000 Angel (bip hop)

2006 Angel&Hildur Gudnadottir (oral)

2008 Kalmukia (editions mego), with Hildur Gudnadottir

2008 Hedonism (editions mego)

2009 Strings Of Consciousness & Angel (conspiracy)

2011 26000 (editions mego)

2014 Terra Null. (editions mego)

Solo performances in Paris, Montreal, New York, Barcelona, Berlin and


2010 YOKOMONO-PRO, compositions by: Ilpo Vaisanen,

Mika Vainio and Staalplaat Soundsystem, clubtransmediale

2014 compositions for ” 2.nd nature” dance choreography by Tomi


2012 organizer and curator of ÄÄNI festival in FI-Kuopio - festival of

experimental music, sound, media art and movement

Solo releases / Compilations:

1995 Jarru EP (mind records)

2001 Piiri EP (traum)

2000 20to2000 CD (raster noton)

2001 Asuma CD (mego)

2002 Liima ep 1-2 & Liima ep 3-4 (raster noton/kangaroo)

2002 Bip-hop Generation [v.6] (BiP_HOp)

2015 Communist Dub by I-LP-O in dub (editions mego)

Pansonic History