Ulrich Troyer 

Bass, Dub, Techno and it's Abstractions


Ulrich Troyer’s artistic approach is dominated by an interaction between architecture, music and fine

arts. He created the radio play "Sehen mit Ohren (Seeing with Ears)“, an acoustic study on the spacial

perception of blind people. The acoustic space and the reverberation of sound events form a circular

theme in his work. Troyer’s commitment to dub production methods offer the perfect playground for

his sonic experiments. His interest in sound system music (bass, dub, techno and their abstractions)

led to the trilogy SONGS FOR WILLIAM (released on 4Bit Productions and Mala’s Label DEEP MEDI).

The project combines music, hand drawn visuals for the live performance, and a graphic novel telling

the story of a guitar effect pedal named WILLIAM.

Current releases: SONGS FOR WILLIAM 2 (2LP/CD w/ 32 page Graphic Novel)

DEADLOCK VERSIONS - EP (feat. Vin Gordon, Didi Kern & Kassian Troyer)

The complete catalogue is distributed internationally via Kudos Distribution, London