Fuckhead pres. „The Heart of Darkness pt.3 / Das Grauen“

The Rebirth of Sense and Stageaction from the Spirit of Fuckhead

Dear ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to FUCKHEAD, the official ambassadors of true Austrian filth!

In the game since 1988, but still burning. Police officers, infuriated local politicians, eccentric festival promoters, greenly opera and theatre directors, terrified museum curators and rampant crowds all over the world still can´t go wrong. On the stages of squats, festivals and opera houses (Ars electronica, Donaufestival, Wien modern, Transmediale Berlin, Meltdown/London, Sonido/Montreal, What is music/Sydney/Melbourne, Le lieu obliques/Nantes, Carousel/Paris, Unsound Krakow, Skif/Moskau, Moving patterns/NYC, Impact Utrecht, Luff/Lausanne, Eurosonic Groningen etc., Vienna States Opera, New Opera Linz, Museum Serralves Porto, Museum Lentos Linz etc.)

Come and visit the boys stirring up your unconscious in a sexy way.

Harsh electronic sounds, breakbeats, massive subbass and a redefinition of Wiener Aktionismus for happy adventurous people.




and feathers, flowers, blood, paint and glue will then gently cover you