Roly Porter

The Life Cycle of a Massive Star

Roly Porter began his career as one half of Vex'd, releasing a series of singles on the Subtext label before moving to Planet Mu to release the classic Degenerate and Cloud Seed albums.

 His solo work fuses his background in soundsystem music with contemporary classical composition and focused sound design resulting in a singular and often harrowing sound. 

 2011 saw the release of the critically acclaimed LP Aftertime followed in 2012 by the Alderburgh Festival commissioned “Fall Back”, a live recording of the collaboration with renowned Ondiste Cynthia Millar and video artist Rod Machlachlan as performed at Faster than Sound.

 In August 2013 Roly released his second solo album, Life Cycle of a Massive Star. The music charts five distinct chapters in the star's life, from its birth to its collapse. 

 Both Aftertime and Life Cycle were placed in FACT magazine's top 50 albums of the year, and Roly continues to perform audio-visual shows featuring variations on this material as well as new music yet to be released.

More recently, as part of the British Film Institute's 2014 sci-fi season, Roly was commissioned to compose and perform a new score for Rene Laloux's 1982 animation Gandahar.  For this complex and challenging project Roly not only replaced the music but also the majority of the sound, with everything from waves crashing to laser beams being integrated into the music. This special cinematic show is continually in development and will be performed in 2015 at cinemas, theatres and festivals worldwide.

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