Mark Fell and Gábor Lázár pres. 'The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making'


Mark Fell is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sheffield (UK). After studying experimental film and video art at the local polytechnic he reverted to earlier interests in computational technology, music and synthetic sound. In 1998 he initiated a series of critically acclaimed record releases, featuring both collaborative and solo works, on labels including Mille Plateaux, Line, Editions Mego, Raster Noton and Alku. Fell is widely known for combining popular music styles, such as electronica and techno, with more academic approaches to computer-based composition with a particular emphasis on algorithmic and mathematical systems. His recent musical practice has become increasingly informed by non-Western musics, this is evident in two linked works “Multistablity” and “UL8” which explore a number of unfamiliar timing and tuning systems. Uncut magazine called these “completely mind-blowing” and the Wire magazine said these were “amazing”. As well as recorded works Fell produces installation pieces often using multiple speaker systems. Although well versed in the use of ambisonics, his work in this area is characterised by ‘non-illusion based’ approaches where multiple waveshapes are spatially distributed to form complex synthetic sonic environments. The diversity and importance of Fell’s practice is reflected in the range and scale of international institutions that present his work – from large super clubs such as Berghain (Berlin), to Hong Kong National Film archive and many others. Fell has received commissions from prestigious institutions including Francesca Von Habsburg’s Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (Vienna) with a premier at Seville Biennale of Art, and the National Ballet of Madrid have performed to his works. He has been recognised by ARS Electronica (Linz) with an Honorary mention in the digital musics category, and was shortlisted for the Quartz award for his contribution to research in digital music. In addition to his creative practice Fell has been involved in a number of academic research projects ranging from computer science to musicology, and as a curator Fell is widely recognised for his contribution to the development of experimental electronic music in Europe.

As a creative response to the currently available technologies, his music articulates the extremes of rhythmic patterns in a strong relationship with sound synthesis. Inspired by the past decades' techno-related electronic music, Gábor extends the boundaries of repetitive music through his spectrally rich and recognizable sound. As innovative as traditional, his music bridges the gap between dance motivated club culture and conceptual practice of computer music.     

Gábor Lazars first album 'ILS' made its way through Lorenzo Senni's label Presto!? in early 2014, then he joined to The Death Of Rave and released 'EP16' which was #8 on Boomkat's Top 100 Singles. His music has been described as "glorious and actually pretty damn funky" by The Guardian, as "a Robert Hood CD glitched up" by Norman Records and commented by Secret Thirteen as "challenging, dynamic and strictly mathematical composing style varying between extreme academism and some kind of reasonable musical barbarism, Gábor is currently building a future of electronic music".

 In 2014 Gábor started to collaborate with Mark Fell and released a 2LP full-length album 'The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making' in 2015 which has hit the #3 on Boomkat's Favourite 100 Albums and #11 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 20 Best Avant Album and was mentioned by Resident Advisor as a major breakthrough of his.

In 2015 has been invited by 4DSOUND to perform on a multichannel sound system using 60 speakers, he's made a solo exhibition at House of Electronic Arts in Basel called 'A Trap For Your Attention' showing an audiovisual installation using LED lights and sound, he has spent a week as artist in residence at EMS in Stockholm and has done performances at venues such as Berghain in Berlin during CTM Festival, ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, The Empty Gallery in Hong Kong, La Casa Encendida in Madrid or Cafe Oto in London and more.

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