Martha Skye Murphy & Maxwell Sterling


Much like travel literature, Distance on Ground, comprised of two long form improvisational tracks by Martha Skye Murphy and Maxwell Sterling, enacts the motion of journeying as it embarks on a discussion of it. Conceived as travel music, the compositions move between urban and rural landscapes and are accompanied by a participatory where the listener can voyage in real time to and with the music in their chosen environment. Born out of several improvised recording sessions, this body of work marks the beginning of Martha and Maxwell's collaboration. The immediacy of the way the music is created, captured and edited allows the listener to feel as if they are listening from within the studio it was recorded in.


"Distance On Ground began as a conversation where words were replaced by sound while Maxwell and I shared our interests in articulations of place and space within a long form medium. We started recording almost immediately when we met. An organic and fluid movement between our instruments arose, my voice answering Maxwell's rich double bass and vice versa. The wordless trance lasted for over 3 hours. We spoke like this again a few weeks later, documenting it all for a further 5 hours. Distance on Ground is the collaged result of our geographical discussions through music. Each time I listen to 86 km and 93.3 km they reveal themselves differently to me as another site, path or direction is exposed." - Martha Skye Murphy

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