The Bug feat. Flowdan


The Bug hatten wir 2015 schon einmal hier beim Heart of Noise, aber das neue Album ist, haben wir gefunden, so dermaßen stark, daß Kevin Martin & Co einfach noch einmal kommen haben müssen.  Mit Fire hat sich Kevin Martin vielleicht jetzt auf einen neuen Höhepunkt seines Schaffens geschrieben, ohne seine Wurzeln zu vergessen, Dubstep, Dub und Dancehall und eine spürbare Motivation zum Intensiven.

“I’d already started work on the album before the pandemic. I was already agitated enough with what was going on in the world, globally it felt there was already enough terror in the world, it already felt like it was spinning out of control but the pandemic added . . . spice. I was reminded of being a teenager in the cold war but this was even scarier because you didn’t know who the enemy was, and all the disinformation fed your paranoia. ‘Fire’ is an album that emerges from some basic questions - the world is a fucking mess and what do you do about that? Go with the flow? Challenge it? Challenge yourself? I can only move forward, and that’s what you can hear on ‘Fire’” -  Kevin Martin, The Bug, 2021.