Jung an Tagen & Rainer Kohlbeger A/V


After 6 years of intensive research of polyrhythm and the combination of modern composition techniques and techno, Jung leaves the beats behind and turns fully to the acousmatic, electroacoustic side of his work. In these compositions Jung engages deeper in the relation of digital sound and body, perceptive glitches and as he would call it “dissociative psychedelic music”.  This show will follow the release “Emergent Properties” on the newly founded label ETAT. A netlabel for new computermusic founded by Stefan himself.

Rainer Kohlberger leads us into a dramaturgy of interior and exterior worlds. The audience finds itself in the presence of an immediate immensity, where boundaries of self and world become blurry. Projection and programmable lights are synchronized, algorithmically triggered and utilized to their maximum capabilities.

Jung and Rainer started to collaborate in 2019. Due to their overlapping fields of research and work methods they decided to intensify their entanglement in 2020.