The Turin-based media art collective explores the boundaries of identity and perception in a world where
virtual doppelgängers take on an all- encompassing position. SPIME.IM weaves audiovisual tales from the
ethereal textures that shape our worlds, using technology, code programming, 3D art and electronic music.
From 2050-style breathless machine funk and crumbling glitches, over hyper-charged synthesizers and
fluorescent hardcore, to vast and forceful ambient: SPIME.IM’s leaping sound is crystal clear, balancinig
human-scale harmonies with digital artefacts. Bruce Sterling’s «spime» describes the possibility of tracing
an object through space and time for the duration of its existence. By juxtaposing his concept with «I am»,
SPIME.IM is the being that is intertwined between the artificial and the natural. SPIME.IM performed at
international festivals like Mutek Canada, L.E.V. (Madrid), Club to Club (Turin), Rhizom (Zurich) Lunchmeat
(Prague) and Spring Attitude (Rome) and many more.


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