Born in the ancient island of Sicily and now based in Berlin, Nino Pedone is a producer, DJ, sound designer, and label founder who's best known for his work as Shapednoise. He sculpts perplexing, mangled electronic textures, fusing them with abrasive, expertly designed rhythms and crashing across genre boundaries, pulling inspiration from industrial music, rave, experimental noise, grime, and rap. 2023 see the release of Pedone's most ambitious full-length to date, "Absurd Matter", structuring his ear-bending sonic experimentation into unstable but familiar patterns and featuring guest spots from Armand Hammer, Brodinski, David Lynch-collaborator Dean Hurley, Moor Mother, and ZeelooperZ. "Absurd Matter" is accompanied by a new a/v live show in collaboration with visual artist Sevi Iko Dømochevsk.


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