Bj Nilsen pres. The Accursed Mountains

In the summer of 2016, BJ Nilsen did a journey to the Prokletije mountains in the southern part of the Dinaric Alps. Prokletije acts as a natural border of Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania and are the most inaccessible and wildest mountain range in the Balkans.The Albanian population calls them Bjeshket e Nemuna, which means accursed or forbidden mountains. Historically it defines the cruel and the hard life of those who live in the area.‘Prokletije was, according to local folklore, created by the devil himself, unleashed from hell for a single day of mischief’ (Rudolf Abraham,2008). Far from being hellish,The Accursed Mountains draws from the inspiration of this beautifully isolated and lucid area with its generous people. It is also an area that is currently undergoing large infrastructure projects such as the controversial Belgrade - Bar motorway that cuts through the landscape and mountains in hope to open up the social and economic developments in the region. 


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