Winfried Ritsch & Atelier Algorythmics pres. "ensemble mécanique"

Ensemble Mécanique is a robotic ensemble including five pianos, two xylophones, one marimba, four drums, one tom-tom, three propellers, seven bells and three sirens and, as a machine orchestra, is named after the piece “Ballet Mécanique” by George Antheil in its 1925 version.

At the beginning and the end of the concerts taking place at the Hofgarten music pavilion, the ensemble plays four pieces by Winfried Ritsch, George Antheil, Helmut Kaplan and Slobodan Kajkut. But please don’t get fooled by the terms “play” and “pieces”, as the ensemble is a fantastic spectacle, which no doubt will be blissfully applauded by Luigi Russolo, Marinetti & Co from their clouds in Futurist heaven.

Fri 16:00: Winfried Ritsch, “Kanon für Maschinenorchester/Canon pour Ensemble Mécanique”
Part of the series social machines, 2019 (dedicated to Peter Lackner)

Version: live composition on the occasion of Heart of Noise, 20 to 30 min.
Fri 18:45: George Antheil, “Ballet Mécanique”, Graz version of the 1924 original, tempo 153
Sat 16:00: Helmut Kaplan and Winfried Ritsch, “Percussion Piece"
Sat 18:45: Slobodan Kajkut, “Dark Study”