is a stage name of Kateryna Zavoloka – Berlin-based Ukrainian sound artist, composer, live performer, sound designer and graphic designer. Zavoloka’s main focus is to explore digital and analogue synthesis and combines it with recorded herself Ukrainian ancient folk songs and different instruments. Zavoloka often collaborates with Kotra (UA) and has been invited to support as special guest Aphex Twin’s (UK) audiovisual rave shows, has been collaborated and performed live with Laetitia Morais (PT) visual artist, has took part in many different cross-genre artprojects.

Together with Dmytro Fedorenko a.k.a Kotra Kateryna Zavoloka runs Ukrainian electronic music record label KVITNU, where Zavoloka supervise visual representation and has designed the covers for almost every release.

In 2011 label Kvitnu was awarded in three nominations at Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 07 and as Best Music Label. Kateryna Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenko are also involved together in the new projec Cluster Lizard and in 2018 started the new record label PROSTIR.

In 2005 Zavoloka was awarded in Digital Music & Sound Art with Prix Ars Electronica for “Plavyna” album.

In 2019 Zavoloka’s new album “Promeni” was nominated to Aprize, as Best Album in Ukraine. Zavoloka performs regularly and her music has been presented in various concert halls, clubs, contemporary art museums, theaters and open-air around the world, performed at many different international music festivals, like: Presences Electronique (FR), CTM (DE), MadeiraDig (PT), Unsound New York (USA), Kvitnu Fest (UA), Flussi (IT), Detali Zvuku (UA), The Morning Line (AT), Skanu Mez?s (LV), Rewire (NL) festival an many others.


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