People, terrestrials, Austrians, Alpfolk! Extraordinary circumstances compel us to take action, even forceful action, in the holy land of Tyrol. On the strength of our decades of experience we will undertake a comprehensive disinfection measure on body, mind, city, country, house, farm and livestock in the town, beneath the Golden Roof, during the Heart of Noise festival. Pandemics, and states of anxiety, depression or obscene happiness connected to it, as well as ugly profiteering, sensationalism or exaggerated cultural sophistication will be hemmed in. Under the dubious motto “through cleanliness to unity” the supreme sanitary team Fuckhead will get to grips, as it were, with above-mentioned problems by way of hard yet affectionate acoustic, visual, as well as physical attacks. 

Fuckhead: Dietmar Bruckmayr (vocals), Michael Strohmann (guitar, electronics), Didi Kern(drums), Roland Wagenhuber (sound mix)

Fuckhead: Dr. Dietmar Bruckmayr - Vocals | Michael Strohmann - Gitarre, Electronics | Didi Kern - Drums | Roland Wagenhuber - Soundmix




Photo: Ruth Pearce