Philip Jeck/Michaela Grill/Karl Lemieux 

The main focus of their audio-visual performance is the investigation of the interface

analogue-digital. Images and sounds are produced analogue and digitally and are

interlinked via several interfaces. Both visualists have access to their own material

as well as to common moving images that they manipulate live. The results of the

different treatments are projected onto a screen and merge to one projection with the

different qualities of analogue and digital images still intact. Additionally the

soundsignal is used to generate or manipulate certain aspects of the images. The

musician on his part interacts with the moving images. This way all three artists are

connected on several levels and produce an athmospherically dense amalgam of

images and sounds for the viewers during this live improvisation.



Philip Jeck: turntables


 Michaela Grill: laptop

Karl Lemieux: 16mm projectors