Gabber Eleganza pres. "The Hakke Show"

Gabber Eleganza is an open and ever-changing project conceived by Alberto Guerrini – born in Milano, Italy, and currently based in Berlin, Germany – in 2011 . What initially started as a blog on the blogging platform Tumblr, has quickly flou­rished into a multifold project in the form of fanzine, music, exhibitions, podcasts and touring as a DJ and a live dance performance dubbed “The Hakke Show” - An oldskool rave/hc set with gabber dancers performing “Hakke” onstage a mix of fast cutting air moves witch are hyper-powerful with a primitive intensity. 

 What unites all of the different initiatives is the mindful approach to rediscover, decontextualize, and revive the hardcore and post-rave subcultures. Far from being merely a nostalgic activity, Gabber Eleganza is, first and foremost, a visual archive dedicated to the telling of the international hardcore scene’s evolution. The vibrant scene of which Gabber Eleganza is an essential part is actively contri­buting to the reassessment of the hardcore music genre, analysing it, above all, as an aesthetic, social and cultural phenomenon. Gabber Eleganza’s contribution to the revival involves the resurrection of flyers, CD artworks, magazines and mer­chandise, through which the Gabber world has build its own visual image starting from the 1990s. A dialogue has opened up between hardcore and contemporary dance music communities. It’s helped hardcore transcend some of its negative stigmas, producing a wave of reevaluation and critique about hardcore from out­side the scene. Gabber Eleganza was helping make hardcore more prominent and culturally valuable. There by contributing to a rereading of the history and raising new questions on its current status. 

In the past year Guerrini has brought the Hakke Show to festivals and venue: Club to Club in Turin, Hyperreality in Vienna, The Oval Space/Lorenzo Senni Warp event in London, CTM/Polymorphis in Berlin and toured cities including Kaiku in Helsinki, Macao in Milano, Janus/Berghain/About:Blank in Berlin, Corsica Stu­dios/RyeWax/5Miles in London, Drugstore in Belgrade, ExDogana in Rome, Empty Gallery in Hong Kong, etc.

Guerrini has hosted radio shows on three London stations: RinseFM, NTS and Radar Radio and Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? Records has released the debut Gabber Eleganza “Never Sleep #1 EP.” His own monthly show Part-Time Raver on RinseFM is about to become a book/records label and a party-nites.  


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