Dengue Dengue Dengue

Dengue Dengue Dengue! is an audiovisual duo from Lima, Perú. Behind the masks are Felipe

Salmon and Rafael Pereira, two producers, dj's and graphic designers. Their work focuses in

exploring native rhythms from Peru and other parts of the world, recreating them in an electronic

form, mixing the old with the new, analog and digital, to create their own unique sound and visuals.

Their musical explorations go from Psychedelic Cumbia to Dub, from Salsa to Footwork, from

Tribal to Techno, the sound and visual palette keeps growing and adding more and more flavours

to the mix.

This year DDD are releasing their second full length album titled “La Siete Raices” (The Seven

Roots) which will be out in November on Enchufada Records. This record will come with a new

video too, directed by Mikael Stornfelt, who also directed the Simiolo and Chichón videos. They

where commissioned by legendary Salsa record label Fania Records to remix one of his classics

for a special 50 year anniversary compilation. They also released a new track for a Greenpeace /

Rhythm and Roots label project, a compilation of birdsong inspired tracks. Its also been a year of

intense touring, Latin America from January to March, Europe in June, USA in August and October

and now preparing for the album release tour in December and January 2016 in Europe.

In 2014 they got officially singed to Enchufada Records, and released the EP “Serpiente Dorada”.

They did a lecture for Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo and released the track “Pineal” for

RBMA project “20 before 15”. They also remixed Tremor, Symbiz Sound, El Remolon and king

Doudou. They had 3 European tours, playing shows in Dour, Roskilde and Paleo Festivals

among others including an amazing set at SONAR Festival in Barcelona, reviewed by Xlr8r and

others as one of the best shows in the festival. They also played Cuba, Japan. Argentina, Chile,

China, Brazil, Jamaica, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia.

2013 is the year where things really took off, it started with a great Mexican tour and in June, an

amazing two month European Tour, playing at major festivals and clubs all around Europe in

cities like Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Madrid , Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm among others. In July

Chusma Records released the “Simiolo Remixes” EP, and Enchufada Records the track

Lokumba for the “Upper Cuts” series, showcasing yet another side of the Dengue Dengue

Dengue! sound.  


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