Ola Saad


Sound and visual artist ,graduated art education faculty 2009.work on sound art

since 2009 after participation sound art art workshop with Ahmed Basiony

,member in (egyptian female experimental band),Participated in many concerts

and festivals in Egypt and outside of Egypt .




Concerts & exhibitions :

2016: Sound performance at OTTO cafe, London/UK.

2016: Sound performance at MASAFAT Festival, Cairo/Egypt.

2016: Sound performance at Borealis Festival, Bergen/Norway.

2014: Sound performance at Musique Action Festival @ Centre Culturel André


sound performance at Musique Action Festival @ FONDS REGIONAL


2013: Audiovisual performance with artiat Noran Shrif at 100 live festival.

“Khadra” Exhibition at Darb17181 .

CD project (Egyptian Female Experimental Music Session).

Sound performance at Nabta art & culture center.

2012: ”Shehadat Mohtamla” Exhibition at Medrar.

2011 : "Text" Exhibition at Darb17181 .

Sound performance with artiat Yara Mikawi at 100LiveFestival.

Sound performance at Darb17181 .

2010: Sound performance at 100 Live Festival.

Sound installation at cairo documenta exhibition.

Sound performance at art education faculty.

2009: Sound performance at Art Education faculty.

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