Ital Tek


Alan Myson demonstrates the humanity of electronic music under his Ital Tek moniker.

The Brighton based musician started out as a dubstep devotee but has travelled a long way since then. Now he’s often spiralling out from something more akin to industrial, drone or ambient music with lots of texture and vast spaces in the sound. The Brighton-based musician’s productions often descend into the abyss without fearing the endless fall.

At the age of 19, Ital Tek signed to the renowned Planet Mu label a decade ago and has remained with the label ever since. In 2016 he put out what has been called “a smouldering triumph”. Hollowed, his fourth album has been reaping nothing but stellar reviews, topping a number of album of the year lists. Here Ital Tek delivers music both for solemn reflection and for dancing. There are plenty of synth washes, altered guitars, tense bass tones and club productions to make him a true hit. In the words of Popmatters: “No other album made by the countless electronic composers delves this deeply into places people fear to face.”


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