Peverelist has been at the very heart of the Bristol music scene since starting work behind the counter at the legendary Rooted Records in 2001. He spent the 2000s deeply involved in the reinvention of Bristol music, whilst carving out a name for himself as a producer, writing bonafide classic tracks of the era such as Roll With The Punches (Punch Drunk), Dance Til The Police Come (Hessle Audio) and Circling (Skull Disco).
In 2011 Pev launched his current label project Livity Sound Recordings. Working closely with fellow Bristol artists Kowton and Asusu, he created something more personal, fusing his influences of UK rhythms, the sonics of US & European techno and the textures of Jamaican dub music. The label quickly gained critical recognition and has become one of the most influential UK labels of the decade.
Pev's latest LP 'Tessellations' was released on Livity Sound in 2017 to great acclaim, a distillation of his sound and his most definitive work to date. With a slew of releases planned for 2018, the label continues to evolve, define and reshape UK club music.

As a DJ, Peverelist tours extensively across the globe playing both underground venues and iconic clubs alike, pushing his distinctive sound worldwide.