Christina Krämer (Direction, Art Direction, Camera, Main Edit)
Christina Röll (Secondary Director’s Assistant, Live Audience Recordings)
Bobby Rajesh Malhotra (Sound Design, Finalising Video Editor, Audio Mix, Secondary Director’s Assistant)
Tina Muliar (Narration)

a behind the scenes look by Eva Kuster



Music: Andi Stecher “austreiben antreiben”, official Heart of Noise Vinyl Edition 03
Animations & Video-Design: Bobby Rajesh Malhotra
Graphic Design: Christoph Schwarz

Heart of Noise Festival 2014 – The End of Boring – Documentary
Camera, Direction & Main Edit: Christina Krämer
Assistance: Christina Röll
Sound-Design & Additional Edits: Bobby Rajesh Malhotra


Heart of Noise – Retrospektive (2013 & 2014)
Visual Design, Edit & Sound-Design: Bobby Rajesh Malhotra
Cameras: Christina Krämer, Domenico Peer, Thomas Hochwallner


OnLine – The Performance at Heart of Noise 2014, as an opening act for Ryoji Ikeda, 1st public general rehearsal, 17th June 2014, 1 day prior to the official premiere at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2014 “Fundamentals”; Biennale Sessions 2014, opening day 18th June 2014
Camera: Christina Krämer, Felix Weisz, Julia Tazreiter, Jan Lauth
Sound-Design & Main Edit: Bobby Rajesh Malhotra
Live-Audio: Andras Eichstaedt
Live-Mix: Florian Anich
Voice: Tina Muliar



Ruben D’hers – “Mareja Baja” (Sound-Installation), Heart of Noise Festival 2014, Stadtsaal-Foyer
Camera: Christina Krämer
Edit & Sound-Design: Ruben D’hers


Heart of Noise Festival 2014 – The End of Boring Trailer
Idea: Christian Koubek & Stefan Meister
Visual Design, Sound-Design, Edit: Bobby Rajesh Malhotra


Heart of Noise Festival 2013 – Detroit, Berlin & Beyond
Camera: Domenico Peer
Video Edit & Sound-Design: Bobby Rajesh Malhotra
Music: Lissie Rettenwander – Inside (Time Will Work It Out Remix by Mr SelfDestruct)