3G proof is considered to be:

1. Proof of a negative test result by means of an

  • Antigen self-test not older than 24 hours and recorded in an official data processing system.

  • Antigen test by authorised body not older than 48 hours.

  • PCR test by authorised body not older than 72 hours.

2. Molecular biology confirmed evidence of recovery

  • of recovery in the last 180 days by means of a medical certificate

  • proof of neutralising antibodies, not older than 90 days

  • a certificate of segregation for a person proven to be infected with Sars-Cov-2, not older than 180 days

3. A proof of vaccination is valid in case of

  • a second vaccination, whereby the first vaccination must not be older than 270 days

  • a vaccination from the 22nd day in the case of vaccines for which only one vaccination is scheduled, provided that this vaccination did not take place more than 270 days previously

  • a vaccination, after recovery, which by means of molecular biological text or the presence of neutralising antibodies existed for at least 21 days before the vaccination, whereby the vaccination must not date back longer than 270 days


Surname, first name and telephone number must be registered by means of a QR code or form before entering the venues Dogana at the Congress, Kunstpavillon and TRAMatic Ride. This data will only be passed on to the health authorities for the purpose of contacting the authorities in connection with Covid-19, otherwise it will be deleted after 28 days.