x04x pres. Corporeal Tectonics

Collective meditations on spatial morphology

For Corporal Tectonics x04x inserts a multimedia implant into the cube, across from Innsbruck’s Haus der Musik. The cube’s upper floor is claimed by a performative process that transforms it into an ephemeral zone of condensed perceptual experiences.
The performative process intertwines digital aesthetics and analog implementation. Concepts of architecture, sculpture, actor, network and collective are mediated by three artists and their bodies. The resulting multi-  layered network, a product of this interaction of bodies, space, structure, sound and light is connected to several audio-sensory interfaces that extend the installation into the bodies of the audience.


Georg Wieser (x04x): Idea, concept, artist workperformance? • Martina Moro: Artist workperformance?• Luca Guarino: Artist workperformance?• Fabian Lanzmaier: Sound composer
x04x [phon. x null four x or ?o??] is the collective, label and alter ego of Vienna-based architect, artist and city activist Georg Wieser.

x04x sculptures are envoys of a world arriving in the Anthropocene, whose continued existence as human habitat is seemingly dependant on the perpetual intermingling of the spheres of man/machine and nature. Enriched by popular science-fiction aesthetics, his body of work represents analogue fetishes to our increasingly digitized culture. The volatility and dynamics of digital processes are opposed by a slow, fleshy materiality, providing contemplative spaces which serve to discover and discuss digital issues in the analogue realm.