Heart of Noise Vinyl Edition 08 - Haus der Regierung

A building, a film, a music group. This year’s Heart of Noise Vinyl Edition is dedicated to the project Haus der Regierung, named after Herwig Weiser’s experimental film from the year 2018 on the House on the Embankment, a Moscow apartment building for party functionaries erected in the 1920s. During Stalin’s Great Purge a great number of the building’s inhabitants were deported. Film historian Daniel Kothenschulte wrote this about Haus der Regierung: “By visually deconstructing an iconic building of constructivist architecture, Herwig Weiser also transcends the layers of its history.”

Apart from the installation and media artist Herwig Weiser, the music project includes Nik Hummer, Philipp Quehenberger and the artist Birgit Minichmayr. Hummer was a member of the bands thilges3 and Metalycée, is a sound designer and produced, among others, Elektro Guzzi, Reinhold Friedl and Stephen O’Malley. Keyboarder Philipp Quehenberger has been playing with Fuckhead’s Didi Kern for fifteen years and has published with labels such as Cheap and Mego. 

Haus der Regierung accompanies the eponymous film with dark, rhythmically complex and bassy electronic music, that is held together by dub-infected fabrics of sound across which strides Birgit Minichmayr’s spoken word poetry. As the film the music deals with shadows, on the one hand as tragic streaks of history, on the other as a making audible these absences. A Faustian evocation that evokes, exorcises and transcends the rooms and inhabitants of the House on the Embankment.